The hands behind the soap


Owner & Soaper - Gina 

   Zakai Soaps started as something I wanted to do to help my family's skin feel better while knowing what's inside. My son and I have Eczema, so the struggle to keep our sensitive skin smooth is real! As a Believer in God, I truly felt Him tell me to share this with other people who have the same troubles.

   So, I started brainstorming on names. I didn't want something common. I really wanted something unique & genuine, something that went with what I believe in. As I was praying, Hebrew names started coming to mind. A word like Zakai was brought up. I studied the name Zakai and found out it means pure & blameless.  I knew that's what I wanted my business to stand for.

   I want people to feel good about using my products while knowing they're not harming anyone or anything. My mission in this company is to bring great and clean quality ingredients and make them into something beautiful for all skin. I hope I am able to do that!